Single-Place Trailers

Cobra Trailers

Alfred Spindelberger Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH is located at Edermunde/Grifte, Germany, and began making sailplane trailers in 1980.  Each trailer is specially designed for your specific glider.  Cobra trailers are known worldwide for their high quality, durability, safe glider transport, and extraordinary towing characteristics.

Double Wall GRP Top

The Cobra GRP top trailer with its double wall construction is an excellent insulator preventing damaging condensation in moist climates.  Also available are their aluminum top trailers which are extremely durable in hot dry climates.

Stabilizer Jacks

Stabilizer jacks are an option you should seriously consider.  Not only do they take the weight off the axle but your trailer is more stable in a strong wind or during sailplane assembly.  Stabilizer jacks are available for the front and back of the trailer.

Rigging Aid

We wouldn't still be in business if we didn't have these in our shop.  You don't always have lots of people around to help you rig or de-rig.  Using this well designed rigging aid will make sure everyone's back stays in good shape.

Dual Purpose Tow-Out-Bar

This combination tail boom lift and tow-out bar is used for towing your assembled glider with a vehicle.

Foldable Wing Wheel

This foldable wing wheel is ideal for moving your assembled glider around on the field.  Also used with tow-out gear when towing your assembled glider with a vehicle.

Also see more Cobra features under "Two-Place Trailers".

Top Decisions

Fiberglass  (GRP) Top

Aluminum Top


95% UV resistant

100% UV resistant



Approximately 20-30 kg / 44-66 lb heavier then the aluminum top



No condensation inside

Condensation possible, may need solar vent


Needs waxing on a regular basis

Needs only occasional waxing with car wax


Composite repair, easier to make it look like new

Sheet metal repair, dificult to make it look good, as there are no small panels with joints


Good hail resistance

Slight hail resistance

Hot Climate

Less durable in a hot dry environment

More durable in a hot dry environment


Less expensive

More expensive






Shock absorbers

Wing stand

One piece tail wheel rail


Shock absorbers

Wing stand

Hydrualic lift ramp and Tail wheel rail with extension

High Quality Trailers

Built Durable to Last

  • Standard
  • Optional
  • Not Available


Fiberglass (GRP) Top

Aluminum Top

Sectioned Front Design

Single Axle

Tandem Axle


Single Place Trailers

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