Thank You Jason

Jason Stephens was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and grew up in the world of aviation.  At the age of 13, Jason’s father purchased Estrella Sailport/Arizona Soaring Inc. and moved the family to Phoenix, Arizona, which began his love affair with gliders.  He learned the glider business by working as a line-boy, then later as a tow-pilot and flight instructor before ultimately taking over the business in 2007.   Jason has earned the reputation as THE person to go to for learning glider aerobatics with students coming from as far away as Japan, Australia, Brazil, and Europe.  Recognized as one of the premier aerobatic glider pilots in the world, Jason has won 5 US National Aerobatic Championships in addition to competing in the World Aerobatic Championships and invited to fly in the 2009 World Air Games.  These are the reasons I chose Jason to do the aerobatic introduction and training to the USAF academy instructor pilots and the Edwards Air Force base test pilots.  This training also took place at Edwards Air Force Base and was completed during the week following the introduction and training that Stan Kasprzyk did for us (see previous story).