Chris & Nan

Chris Klix

Chris began his aviation career right out of high school.  At the age of 19 he started travelling the globe with one desire—to learn to fly sailplanes.  He joined a soaring club in Gelnhausen, Germany, earning his German and US Glider pilot license and German Winch Operators license.  After returning to the states, he then pursued his Commercial Glider, Commercial Instrument SEL, General Radiotelephone Operator, A&P, and IA licenses.  He was one of the original members of Evergreen Soaring, a local glider club, and has been a long standing member of the Seattle Glider Council.

Chris trained in composites and sailplanes with Art Penz in the late 1970’s and helped construct the Chinook sailplane, a one of a kind two place in which he made the first flight.  The aircraft is now owned and flown by Fred Hermanspan, a co-designer with Art Penz.

Chris worked at Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft, manufacturer of the Glasair and GlaStar, for over thirteen years serving as R&D shop manager, and board member.  He had the privilege of making several first flights in their aircraft, while helping develop and oversee the construction of several prototypes.  At the same time, Chris managed and owned the tow plane for Evergreen Soaring and served as their maintenance director for a number of years.

After leaving Stoddard-Hamilton, Chris worked at Boeing on the flight line installing and testing avionics in 737’s and 757’s cockpits for a number of years until he started Pacific AeroSport.  He wanted to return to the part of aviation that he enjoyed the most—sailplanes.

Nan Klix

Most of Nan’s working career has taken place in fairly large companies.  She prefers taking on departments more in chaos than running smoothly.  Organizing systems to contribute at higher and more logical efficiency requires hard work at the grass-roots-hands-on level.  An efficient cog contributes to an overall better running machine.   Nan’s degree is in Business and along with the “fun” challenge of organizing paired nicely with starting and maintaining Pacific AeroSport.