About Pacific AeroSport

Our facility consists of 6,000 square feet of floor space with offices, parts, and a large shop with primary emphasis on inspections, maintenance, and repair services for sailplanes and motorgliders.  The shop includes a paint booth and a large dust collector to keep a clean environment while doing glider repairs.

We have experience and expertise in a wide range of aircraft; however we specialize in composite sailplanes.  

Our hangar doors open to a spectacular view of the Cascade Mountains where you can witness diverse aviation activities, whether it is gliders taking off and landing, ultra lights buzzing by, aerobatic aircraft flying overhead, or surplus military jets doing a high speed pass.


Pacific AeroSport History

Pacific AeroSport LLC was founded in the year 2000 by Chris and Nan Klix, located at the Arlington Airport, north of Seattle, in the beautiful state of Washington.  In 2001 when the Symphony aircraft was introduced to the certified market Chris felt this turn-key two place airplane would be a perfect fit for PAS, given his past experience with the development of its predecessor the Glastar kit plane.  It was a visit to the past, only enhanced, with all the benefits that come from certification and modern technology.  The smooth lines, the state-of–the art-seats, combining modern materials with the time tested, created a very good looking and comfortable airplane.  After flying the Symphony, a deal was struck and we had to take one home, becoming the first Symphony aircraft dealer in North America.

In 2004 a friend (named Mike Friend) ask Chris about building a unique kit plane for him, later named the Silence Twister.  Its construction resembled some of the European sailplanes and was being introduced by a major sailplane manufacturer in Germany.  This company called DG-Flugzeugbau, was founded by Karl-Friedrich Weber, who took over the Glaser Dirks and Rolladen-Schneider sailplane manufacturers after they filed for bankruptcy in 1996.  PAS built this great little airplane in only 80 days and then introduced it at Oshkosh 2005 where it was a contender for the dead grass award.  Mr. Weber and his daughter both personally came over from Germany for the introduction, as did the original designers of the plane Thomas and Mathias Streiker.  Knowing my involvement with sailplanes, it was during our time together at Oshkosh that Mr. Weber offered us the DG sailplane agency.  Our focus has since shifted away from the Twister and the Symphony aircraft to specializing primarily in sailplane maintenance, repairs, parts, and sales for DG Flugzeugbau, GmbH.

In early 2011 we were very fortunate to secure a bulk order from the US Air Force for 19 DG-1001 Club gliders for their USAF academy in Colorado Springs.  During the following two years, PAS imported, installed instruments and avionics, obtained airworthiness certificates and delivered all 19 gliders on budget and on time to the USAFA.  From this experience as well as many other new glider sales over the years we have gained considerable experience with, not only importing and airworthiness but also with DG self-launching motor gliders, exporting gliders to Canada and Argentina as well as many other areas.

In February 2018 we retired as the DG/LS sales agent for DG Flugzeugbau, GmbH and have been only taking work on a limited basis so we can do some traveling, help our daughter and son-in-law renovate their house, and of course fly more.